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13 août 2014

Halo : Waypoint - Créations conservés - Vidéos - Montage - Red vs. Blue Dubstep Action Montage

As many of you noticed, the video was down for a while, which sucked because I was literally 200 likes away from 25,000, which I just now exceeded YAY! So yeah, I wasn't keeping up to date on comments and stuff for a while (yes up until about two months ago I had read every single one) and when I started keeping up with it again, I had a pending copyright claim. I believe that because it sat unattended for so long (about a month I think) the video was blocked. After I acknowledged the third party content, the vid came back. so yeah, that's what happened for anyone who's curious. THANKS FOR 25,000 LIKES!!!!!

Anyways, this is a fan made Music video. Song is "E.T. (Dubstep Remix)" by Klaypex ft. Katy Perry. Clips are from season 9 of the popular web series Red vs. Blue. The Halo franchise is property of Microsoft and 343 studios. Red vs. Blue is created by Roosterteeth productions. I made this using windows movie maker.