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11 août 2014

Halo : Waypoint - Créations conservés - Vidéos - HMV - Halo Reach Song Feat. Cortana


The story begins in the distant past with a race called the forerunners,
but their reign didn't last due to the flood.
But the forerunners, they thought of a mega-structured solution:
Ring Shaped halos that would turn the Flood's food to mud.


Halo: Reach
I 'm powerless without you.
Can't defeat the Covenent.
Need Noble 6 to represent.
Halo: Reach
I just can't wait to play you, yeah.
It's a battle I must fight.
My destiny looks hella tight.

Thousands of years later, worlds were colonized thanks to slipstream travel.
Spartan 2 was created to curb civil war.
But the Covenent wanted humanity gone,
so Master Chief, his A.I., and the Super Soldier's fought on...
The story continues, but now I must train you, I implore...

(Repeat CHORUS)

Every time I'd watch her play the halo, I'd say hey ho—
You ain't no child.
Why don't you come on back to reality.
Life ain't no game girl. Some day you'll see.
She said "I'll show you reality". She grabbed her pistol and aimed it at a G.

Long story short I was hooked from the get go.
It's all I think about.
Covenant clowns will never bring me down.
Flood -- I stomp yo' face I n the mud!
The battle is won before I step on the field...
Equip my double plasma rifles and my sticky bomb shield.

(Repeat CHORUS)

Halo: Reach!

Savannah is Cortana
Greg is Rapper Guy
Music by Savannah
Beat by Greg
Lyrics by Savannah
Rap lyrics by Greg
Produced and shot by Greg and Savannah
Edited by Savannah