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13 août 2014

Halo : Waypoint - Créations conservés - Vidéos - Mega Block - Behind the Scenes of Lego Zanzibar

After nearly two years of building and thousands of dollars sunk into my project, it's finished. This is my latest video which details how I made my famous Lego model of Zanzibar from it's very first stage, to the now near completed form.

I wanted to make this video so that everyone will get the facts straight. I originally sent the picture and video files that you'll see in this video to Bungie Studios where they incorporated them into the Halo 3 Legendary edition bonus disk.

However, I have no idea how my model will be presented in the short section entitled, "Cortana's Chronicles." They might have placed my files out of chronological order...or whatever. So I made this video to set the facts straight, and to share with you the latest video of the model.

I hope you'll enjoy it, and please be on the lookout for my up-coming stop-motion movie that I'm going to make with this model. Hopeflly it'll be done next year.