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10 août 2014

Halo : Waypoint - Créations conservés - Vidéos - HMV - Deerob 117 (Halo Dubstep Rap ft None Like Joshua) Music Video

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Cool VGMV: http://youtu.be/Kwozr3hCGAE

Sorry for the reupload, but the story had to be perfect. I hope you enjoyed the video and the little cameo from Veela as Cortana! If you Liked it please hit the Favorite, Share, and Subscribe for more EDM raps, and hit the Download link! Thank you.

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March 18th, 2557, 0800 hours
My name is John of the UNSC Navy
The memories of my past are somewhat faint, but mostly dark.
When I was younger, I was training to become a supersoldier in the Spartan-II program to protect the human race...even from itself.
My duty is to protect humanity at all costs...yet there were others who did the same and I couldn't protect them, so I wonder how I'm the lucky one

Kidnapped to survive the worst and
While they sit back, write what they observed
While I learned to fight-and-defy their own words
No one would be left behind, I was sure

Born a leader and I swore to see that
The mission I was given was more than completed no I
Couldn't quit it knowing there's a friend in need and
The weakest of the team: couldn't take from me

So the doctors watched me unlock the power
They knew I would lead the group
But never want to mind my p's and q's.
Wouldn't need to till I had to bleed through

- So they made us wait under the needle
To enhance our strength, mind and body equal
But the chance to die was too great for people
I remained alive, some met the reaper

After that, not a lot to say
I had lost some colleagues, but a cost to pay
I could jump high, think fast, run far, see past
Any enemy ahead of me and then I readily appear

- Sent to suppress rebellions
on a colony of Earth
flying in on a Pelican.

- But I took a bullet
And the tide soon turned
For the rise of humans

- An attack on the colony Harvest so
we received our MJOLNIR armor
- to defeat the hostiles
Boarding their ship, three soldier Spartans

Reluctant to leave my accompanying team
A breach in his armor obstructing his speed
Triumphantly punishing all of the Covenant fleet
- but I lost a friend to me

- they call me the Master Chief
- lucky number 7 can't grasp defeat
- Don't want the medal when they capture me
- I'll save the world then I have to sleep

- they call me the Master Chief
- lucky number 7 can't grasp defeat
- a man of his word comes back for the weak
- I'll just save mankind then I have to sleep

- now the war keeps fueling the fire
- due to the entirety of human desire
to pursue and acquire till we shoot the rivals
fly a ship with no sails but who's the driver?

- after the fall of Reach
I would meet the one being changing my beliefs
Was a lone wolf, stone cold, never want to lose another
Comrade to a battle undecided by the fight against the

Covenant, but everything was different with her in my mind.
Someone I rely on but never as a burden in my eyes

A sidekick like this I'd risk my existence? Priceless
You might misunderstand her timelessness
It was fate on the Pillar of Autumn
She chose me. They told me her name was

and we struggled through the tests of time
always made it to the point with only seconds behind
whether a bomb, invasion on occasion
concentrating on how we were gonna make it

Flying through space
Drive a high speed chase
It's one against eight?
Yeah we like these stakes

- She's the only one that's willing to follow me into the pit because
You know I'll do whatever it takes to win this

I'm a beast with a trigger
Indicative by the name and the medals
The milky way will never beat me. In general cause
I'm a peaceful stoical misinterpreted daredevil
Of fear -- till she was un
A man who can't stop any hand of time
Refused to make way and let her stay behind
We were two machines - but only one could survive

- they call me the Master Chief
- Save the world then I have to sleep
- they call me the Master Chief
- I'll just save mankind then I have to sleep