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10 août 2014

Halo : Waypoint - Créations conservés - Vidéos - HMV - Frozen Sleep Halo 4 Cortana Tribute Song

Ever since I played the ending of Halo 3, I've been haunted by the thought of Cortana all alone on the ship for many years. When Halo 4 trailers revealed that it was a difficult time for her because of the rampancy AI's experience after a certain time in service, I really wanted to make a tribute song about that. She is one of my favorite characters in video games. :)

I feel really attached to the music from previous Halo games, composed by the awesome Marty O'Donnell, so it was fun trying build the tribute around that.

Free MP3 & chords: http://www.malukah.com/FREE

Intro - Never Forget (Halo 3)

Verse - Halo Theme (bits of the main melody, slowed down)

Chorus - Halo Theme Intro

The guitar solo section is my attempt to tribute the MJOLNIR mix of the Halo theme, which I love. Haha! My best attempt. And it has the gregorian chant-like voices underneath. It was fun to dust off the electric guitar for this.

Outro - Arrival (Luck)
A short clip from this track, one of my favorites.

Thanks for watching. :)


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Frozen Sleep
by Malukah

Wait in the dark
With the memories that replay my lonesome fears
And my mind
Is betrayed by time passing by
And I just need to to wake up
I'm gonna need you to save us
And take me home

Feel the madness taking over
While you lay in frozen sleep
Though my life's now fading
You're still a promise I will keep

Wait in the dark
Every feeling becomes so magnified
And my mind
Goes on and on
I'm trying to hold on
But I keep losing control of
All I know

Though my life's now fading
You're still a promise I will keep

You'll always be
My sword, my shield